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Don’t Get It

There are all sorts of people who think all sorts of people aren’t funny. Adam Carolla thinks your average woman is below-average funny. Dumb, right?

Here’s my problem beyond some comedian saying something dumb: I’m not sure I understand these long-winded diatribes defending “women are funny.” Is this not patently self-evident? Is that a position that even needs defending?

Let’s imagine if Carolla had said, “But they make you hire a certain number of Jews, and they’re always the least funny on the writing staff.” We would absolutely see outrage, deservedly so (and so it is in this case as well). But would we suddenly see essays listing Jewish accomplishments in comedy? Would there be long expositions extolling what Judaism has brought comedy? No way. We’d all file Adam Carolla in the crackpot list, deride him for a week, maybe get a few extra minutes of stand-up and then move on.

I get it, it stings. But it’s a statement so full of folly that refuting it only lends it credence, as though this were indeed up for discussion. Fuck that. Use your energy on something more worthwhile.

- vinny

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