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Blink Blink Blink by Kirsten Rasmussen at Wildside Festival

Gang, our favourite Kirsten has a show coming up at the Centaur. If you missed it at the Fringe, this is your chance to see it. I thought it was one of the best things I saw at the Fringe this year. Do go check it out…

- vinny

Here’s the details and press notes:

Blink Blink Blink is a one woman dark comedy written and performed by Kirsten Rasmussen.  Blink Blink Blink is the comedic story of a motivational speaker Sara Tonin, and a scared little bunny, Benjamin Bunny.  All Sara wants is the success and happiness she’s worked so hard for. All Benjamin wants is to be more courageous like his heroic father. They both strive so blindly for their goals, that they lose sight of themselves and collide head-on with each other.

Blink Blink Blink was first produced by the artist as a workshop performance at the Free Standing Room Theatre in Montreal in January 2011. Then the show was presented Shumiatcher Sandbox Series season at the Globe Theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan in May.  Then the artist produced the show at the Montreal Fringe Festival in June.

At the Montreal Fringe Festival Blink Blink Blink was nominated for Best Comedy by Just For Laughs and Best English Production by the Centaur Theatre. Blink Blink Blink  was awarded the Best English Production.

Quotes About Blink Blink Blink

“I was snorting with laughter.”

“The writing is sharp and funny…”

-       Canada Arts Connect Magazine

“ You will laugh to tears.”

“The show is f@%king fantastic!”

-       Montreal Mirror

“Rasmussen’s timing is unreal.”

-       Charlebois Post

“Kirsten Rasmussen’s star power is mind-blowing.”

- Charlebois Post

Kirsten Rasmussen was a co-founder and director of Montreal Improv. And her award winning solo show Blink Blink Blink is being featured at the Centaur’s Wildside Festival Jan 3 through 14th. Kirsten is an actor/improviser and writer and this show combines all of those things, and a little clowning too.

The show began as an idea that was flushed out through improvisation, both in rehearsal and fully improvised run that happened last January.  After many improvised runs, Kirsten wrote the piece down. But she improvises in each show, finding new lines, new jokes and new moments between the characters and her audience.

This show is a great showcase of how the skills of improv can play into creation; how the art of story telling taught by improv can be used in writing; and how the imagination we use in improv to create characters and environments out of nothing is extremely relevant to independent theatre. 

The show is running:

  • Jan 3rd, 7pm
  • Jan 5th, 7pm
  • Jan 7th, 9pm
  • Jan 11th, 9pm
  • Jan 13th, 7pm

Call Centaur Theatre Box Office For Tickets (514) 288-3161

Reg Tickets $15 ($12 for students/under 30/seniors)

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